Moonbeam Initiative

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Holding Sacred Space

We women, we are used to DOING We take action. We take care of. We stand up for what’s right. We teach. We parent. We partner. We DO. To all the women who blazed our path, We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have done what you needed to do. We have done...

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Be Not Afraid Of The Sun

But be respectful. We have mistakenly become afraid of the sun, slathering on SPF 1000, hiding in the shade, or hanging out indoors for fear of that big orange ball in the sky! Remember first of all, the sun is life-giving. Without it you wouldn’t be able to survive....

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Put Your Own Mask On First

A woman was flying in a plane one day when there was some disturbance and the ride was becoming rough.  She checked her little girl sitting beside her to be sure she had her lap belt on. The girl was afraid but Mom reassured her everything would be OK.  The Mom began...

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What if Your Body was a Lamborghini?

This morning I went to the 7-11 to pick up a small coffee. The man in front of me had a large bottle of soda, a few bags of chips and snacks, and several packs of cigarettes. His bill was over $32. This is how he started his day. Let’s say you had a Lamborghini or a...

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Moonbeam Initiative

Just as the moon reflects the sunlight, YOU are a unique reflection of the light that connects us all. The Moonbeam Initiative supports the deep questioning of old teachings, beliefs and perceptions, and the gentle letting go of what no longer serves us. In doing so we open into the grandest version of ourselves and are free to be who we truly are. As a famous song suggests, you can’t hold a moonbeam in your hand…

When spirit, mind, heart, body, and earth are aligned you will be living through the light of the love that is within you.

Susan’s Bio

A healer in every sense of the word, Dr. Susan Burger serves as an instrument of positive change, compassion, and well-being worldwide. A sought-after speaker and holistic life catalyst, she brings her extensive experience and training together as she guides people of all ages toward self-love and self-care; connecting with earth and spirit; and living consciously and authentically. Dr. Susan is active in promoting peace, conflict transformation, understanding, and positive change on a global scale. She is a founding member of the Greater Bucks Peace Circle and board member of the Interfaith Community for Middle East Peace. She has been instrumental in supporting the Interfaith Peace Circle, a nonprofit organization based in Nepal. Participating in the Peace Pole Project since 1996, she spearheaded the planting of peace poles in several communities and schools. In 2002, she participated in The Alchemy of Peacebuilding Conference in Croatia, and in 2008, she travelled to Israel and Palestine as part of a Compassionate Listening delegation.

“Question dogma, question ideology, question outside authority. It’s only by questioning what people take for granted, what people hold to be true, that we can break the hypnosis of social conditioning.”

– Dr. Deepak Chopra